Who dating sharapova

“But Maria Sharapova looked casual and carefree as she stepped out for a bite to eat at Bluebird restaurant in London’s Chelsea on Sunday.

The 29-year-old sportswoman opted for a nautical-inspired look for her dinner date, teaming a striped top with black capri trousers and white trainers.” While no one has been able to tell who the lucky guy that she dined with was, the fact that Maria Sharapova looked breezy and easeful hinted the media that she might be confident that she will not get punished too harshly for her doping.

Others have varying opinions on the topic of Maria’s doping scandal.


It’s a good thing that she is spending her free time to the best of her abilities!

“Maria Sharapova faces an anti-doping panel in London on Wednesday knowing she will not benefit from recent confusion surrounding the drug she tested positive for in January,” reports the .

The response from Wimbledon organizers was generally positive about the fact that Maria Sharapova might be able to compete.

The Russian athlete has been going on dates, attending music festivals like Coachella, and hanging out on Mexican beaches with her famous friends to pass the time.

“She was recently the centre of a scandal which saw her suspended from her tennis career,” reports .

In terms of what happened we need to let due process take its course and an outcome be determined and see what happens after that.” While doping scandals and possible suspension can be deadly to an athlete, Maria has been keeping her head high and developing her side business projects like Sugarpova, her line of candies.



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