Where is ingred vandebosch dating now


I might have to steer myself to the bathroom to uh, shift gears.

she's taken out Helen in the Ford causing a 15 girl pile-up!

Ingrid the bride has been in the lead, breaking wind for Aunt Trudy, causing Aunt Trudy to hold her nose. Her team of bridesmaids works furiously to fix her hair, fix her make-up, adjust her dress, and change her wheels all in just 12.34 seconds! Doesn't Ingrid look beautiful in her white Pepsi-Budweiser-Ace-Hardware-Valvoline-Motor-Oil-3M-Chevrolet wedding gown?

And waiting for her at the altar is her husband-to-be Jeff Gordon in his Dupont-Quaker-State-GMAC-Nicorette-Tuxedo sporting the #24.


HOG-MINISTER: Now, if no one objects to this NEXTEL Cup Wedding... ..the grounds that Jeff Gordon ain't a true southern NASCAR driver! In the moment that dynamic is quite difficult to rationalize.



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