When your son is dating the wrong girl

We knew early on that the relationship was unhealthy.

The girl would ignore my son for a week, then reel him back in with sweet words and promises.

Twice I caught her trying to convince my son to sneak out of his room for a midnight rendezvous, and my son even confided in me that she was pressuring him to have sex – even though he didn't feel ready.

Her parents were frightening – the kind you'd suspect would be all too happy to fight it out on an episode of Jerry Springer, and when the girlfriend told my son (and me) that her mom erupted in explicative-laced rages while her step-dad often trashed treasured items in her room, I was hesitant to speak to them about my concerns. On one hand, I knew that forbidding my son from continuing his relationship with this girl would do only close the door on our discussions and he would most likely still see her, especially since they went to the same school.

I needed to have our lines of communication wide open so that I could keep tabs on him.



They were manipulative, selfish, dramatic, with crazy families and shockingly bad judgment. RELATED: I'm Becoming an Empty Nester and I'm Not Ready Once I did, things drastically changed.

He said he loved her, that I didn't understand, and slowly I felt him pull far, far away from my grasp. The reality was that aside from moving out of state (and who knows if that would have worked, anyway), I had to give my son the room to understand the relationship on his own.



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