When hes dating me and his babymoma

Its very hard to leave someone when you have their kid, even if you're not in love with them.

Since he just wants a bit more time, I would cautiously give it to him.

But after his deadline that he created, I would leave.

Personally I wouldn't get involved with someone who already has a girlfriend though, so I'm not sure why you went that route in the first place. He is still sleeping with her taxes wit hcome and go why cant he afford to move before yall got together?

it easy they done it before (two kids- LOL) Move on - If you accept this now and there will never be an boundries with his baby mama...

Let me ask you what are his good qualities because I havent heard type of thing happens a lot in "the hood" or urban areas.

obviously, her "man" has 2 or 3 different girls at the very least.


Please what are the chances that they arent still messing around...

I was told that new screen names cannot be opened under the same IP address..someone in your family wants to join they need to ask a mod to override it... Tell him to contact you when he has a place of his own. If he moves out, you'll know he is serious and worthy of trust. Some of us don't get a chance to know if we are dealing with jerks before it gets serious. Make the most of boyfriend lives with his baby mama and they have 2 kids together and he say they not together like that and he say he is moving when he get his taxes back and should i stay in this relationship or move on do i believe in him and stick it out i told him by the end of jan if he still there im gone is that right. Um this sounds real fishy and my advice to you is MOVE ON!!!!!!



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