When did harrison ford start dating calista flockhart

They can be pretty obvious in their ability to see the long term validity in treating their women like queens.If he makes the effort to make you happy and pamper the heck out of you, he definitely wants to keep you in his life. Whether he casually brings up having kids during a random conversation or dedicates an entire coffee date to this subject, if he hints at having kids then he is probably really serious about you.Be on the lookout for these 14 signs below and it may give you an inkling into whether or not he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Sure, being sweet can mean that he’s just a generally sweet guy.However, keep in mind that guys don’t pamper women whom they have no interest in being with.There is no denying that if you poke and prod too hard, you may send him running off into the arms of the next sexy charlatan who comes along.[Read: 5 ways to know if you’re with an emotionally unavailable man] Patience is key when it comes to getting married, not just for him but for you as well.


You should never rush into it no matter how badly you want to have that dream wedding.Even celebrities are not immune to waiting for a man to be ready.Many women have admitted to planning their big day even before finding the right guy. Only once they have determined that they have found their ideal woman will they even start thinking about settling down.Even then, it may take them years to finally pop the question.

Hollywood megastar Harrison Ford made Calista Flockhart wait seven years before proposing to her.

Even England’s Prince William dated Kate Middleton on and off for eight whole years before asking her to marry him. 14 ways to know if he wants to be with you forever So how do you know if the man you’re with wants to marry you?



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