What does ltr stand for in dating

The preferred strategies for men and women are different based on their different reproductive needs.

The preferred form of male promiscuity is to create a harem of women who are exclusive to him, with additional one off sex as the opportunity presents itself.

For quite some time we have been in hookup culture.

While it is theoretically possible that a couple would pledge to be together and exclusive for a set duration of time, this is almost never the case.

Additionally, when thinking about the concept of a LTR it is essential to think of it in the context of male and female preferred forms of promiscuity and the current “sexual marketplace”.

This way he can sexually monopolize the women he is invested in, and additionally spread his genes through women he isn’t invested in.

In this way he hopes to have his cake and eat it too.


The preferred female form of promiscuity is serial relationships with men who are invested in her.This way she keeps her options open to jump to a better man should the opportunity present itself, while still securing investment from the man.



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