Weird dating mail

It’sbeing speculated that the Brit singer is now dating spunky, young and vibrant Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lawrence.The two have apparently been dating for a couple months after meeting each other at a Coldplay concert this summer in London.Word has it that the Lawrence has given the soggy Brit a much needed “new lease on life” because she is so different from Paltrow. On the surface, it’s fairly evident that starched and pressed Gwyneth and free-spirited and rambunctious J-Law are very different people.Let’s take a good look at just how different Goopy Gwyneth and J-Law really are. As evidenced in several editions of her GOOP newsletter and overheard in countless self-righteous quotes, Gwyneth is pretty militant when it comes to healthy eating for herself and her kids.

And by pretty drastically, we mean drrrrrraaaaasticalllllly.She believes in organic foods, fruits and vegetables and would “rather die” than let her kids eat a cup-of-soup or consume cheese from a can.J-Law on the other hand is a free spirit when it comes to eating.Of course their roles in those movies are complete opposites. She shares the way she lives her life and encourages others to follow the same standards and trends — yawn.

J-Law, on the other hand, obviously doesn’t have time for that GOOP.She prefers to kick around with friends, play sports and just chill like every other normal human being.


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