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She answered all of the doctor’s questions about her grandmother’s medical history.

It wasn’t long before Natalya heard the words she had been waiting to hear all day: “Your grandmother’s going to be okay.” “LSA’s video remote interpreting service has been received very positively by both the hospital staff and our patients.

Natalya knew she had to remain calm for the woman who raised her since she was a little girl, but on the inside she was falling apart. from their native Russia, and although Natalya started taking English classes at the local college, she was far from fluent.

At the root of Natalya’s anxiety was the language barrier. She had no idea how she was going to communicate with the hospital staff. She wanted to ask the paramedics how her grandmother was doing but she didn’t know how.

“Everything’s going to be okay grandma,” she kept saying over and over again.

When they finally arrived at the hospital Natalya was shaking.

They immediately got Olga into a room and started evaluating her.

Not only is the technology user-friendly and available on demand, but we have realized When you’re looking for a more intimate interpretation experience than over the phone, and you don’t have the time or budget to schedule an on-site interpreter, then video remote interpreting (VRI) is the answer for you!


As the minutes passed, Natalya grew more and more anxious.

She wanted to scream; she wanted to cry; but more than anything, she wanted her grandmother to be okay.


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