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Pittsburgh Hays Bald Eagle Updates: 8/26/2016 The Hays bald eagle camera has been turned off for the 2016 nesting season.We are currently streaming Wildlife Webcam #3 located in South Western PA until the nest bald eagle nesting season. Industrialization beginning in the 19th century led to extensive unregulated pollution of the rivers, which decimated fish populations that eagles feed on.

A camera was installed on this new nest in December of 2013.Experts say it has probably been more than 250 years since Bald Eagles last nested along Pittsburghs three rivers.As recently as the mid-1980s, there were just a few remaining nesting Bald Eagles pairs anywhere in Pennsylvania.March 11 Incubating behavior was observed indicating an egg had been laid in the nest.

April 14 Behavior indicated that an egg had hatched.May 13 The eaglet is seen high in the nest stretching its wings. June 6, 7 & 8 There was a strong storm with heavy winds on June 6.


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