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The Pathways Diagram will help you plan your degree path.As part of the new and updated degrees, Clark College offers new classes for the 2011-12 academic year including Creativity & Concept, Time-based Art, Intro to Social Media and Graphic Design Technology.

Our curriculum consists of two specialized certificate programs in Web Design or Graphic Design.

These certificates can lead to one of our comprehensive AAT degrees in Web and Graphic Design or Web Development.

Upon successful completion of these degrees and certificates, graphic and web design students can expect to be prepared for entry-level employment as a production artist, a freelance graphic designer, a marketing communications assistant, or to transfer into a bachelor's degree program at an art school or a college or university.

The Computer Graphics Technology (CGT) program at Clark College provides hands-on learning with technologies used to create visual communications, digital imagery, integrated media, and applied technology solutions.

The new degree programs are intended for students who would like to continue to broaden their education beyond the certificate of proficiency programs currently available at Clark.

Students still have the option to pursue either the Graphic Design or Web Design Certificates of Proficiency.



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