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We remain the major players at the forefront of the simulator hire industry, attending public shows & events throughout the UK & Europe.The organisers of the UK & Europe’s premier events recognise the quality of our simulator products, our professionalism & attention to detail which continues to secure their long term commitment to us.

Our in-house fleet currently comprises of 2 x 20-seater Morphis Simulators and 2x 14-seater Venturer Simulators.

We are the official Suppliers to the RAF for our Red Arrows & Battle of Britain Memorial Flight/Euro Fighter Flight Simulators.

Air Displays , Big &Small Bands , Caterers , Charities , Dance Classes , DJs , Entertainers , Events Organisers, Forums , Hotels & Night Clubs , Museums , Photographers & Artists , Re-enactment Groups , Traders, Other Sites of Interest , - WWII Aircraft for Public and Private Air Display.

The aircraft displays carry on the company’s tradition of showing the aircraft in their original roles, a fitting tribute to Ray and Mark Hanna, much-missed founders of the company.

Some of the most experienced display pilots in the world fly with the Old Flying Machine Company, offering a cross section of skills and expertise second to none.To make an initial enquiry or to discuss your requirements please contact Laura Bonhomme on 01223 836705 or via email to [email protected] or visit is Europe's largest operator of simulator hire and mobile simulation attractions.



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