In addition, since the nanotube structure can be multiply used in a variety of applications with respect to modern sciences and technologies, a great deal of studies and investigations into the same are currently conducted over the world.

Therefore, in order to fulfill desired electrical properties, a structure of added atoms must be controlled.

544), however, these techniques encountered problems in that nitrogen is not doped in atomic state, instead of being adsorbed in molecular state, and nitrogen ion irradiation causes significant breaking of the original Ti O(0.01≦x≦0.2) nanotube exhibits improved conductivity and extended light absorption range from a UV ray area to a visible light area, thus having enhanced applicable performance in optical and/or electrochemical aspects.

A nanosized material shows different electrical, optical and/or magnetic properties, as compared to bulk materials and, therefore, has recently attracted attention in a wide range of applications.

Such nitrogen plasma treatment may be performed at a plasma power ranging from 400 to 800 W, preferably 500 to 600 W and at a temperature of 50 to 400° C., preferably 50 to 200° C.


More particularly, Ti O2-x Nx (0.01≦x≦0.2) nanotubes doped with nitrogen atoms by treating Ti O2 nanotubes through nitrogen plasma to partially substitute oxygen portion of Ti O2 nanotube with nitrogen, and a method...(0.01≦x≦0.2) nanotube exhibits improved conductivity and extended light absorption range from a UV ray area up to a visible light area, thus having more enhanced applicable performance in optical and/or electrochemical aspects.If the treatment time is beyond the above range of time, plasma etching is excessively performed, causing a problem of not maintaining the structure of the Ti O.These and other features, aspects, and advantages of the present invention will be more fully described in the following detailed description of preferred embodiments and examples, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.Especially, a substance in a nanotube structure having nanosized holes has relatively high specific surface area and a number of researches have been conducted for structures of various substances.

In addition, the nitrogen plasma treatment according to the present invention requires limited treatment time and may be performed for 1 to 20 minutes, preferably about 5 minutes.As an method for improving the electronic structure, a process for doping different elements on an anatase phase of the Ti Obulk material was proposed as the most preferable and simple technique.



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