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Nurseries receive plants under one name, often from a commercial grower, and are frequently slow to Tucker-2 change. Sixth list of recommended varieties and provenances of trees. An even more pertinent, vexing, and persistent problem is authenticating the identification of purchased plant materials from both mailorder and local nurseries.



Have you purchased Rosa damascena 'Trigintipetala' because of its anticipated fragrance and light pink flowers and received instead a hybrid with no damask rose genes, dark pink flowers, and little fragrance? Sixth list of recommended varieties and provenances of trees. Is your 'Black Magic' iris correctly identified, or is it really 'Eleanore Roosevelt'? Centrum voor Plantenveredelings- en Reproduktieonderzoek, Wageningen. Cultivar Checklists for Ornamental Plants 2000 is an updated version of Appendix XI, Checklists of Ornamental Cultivars, of the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants-1995, pp.89-140, which in turn was taken from Arnoldia 55(4):1-59 (1994-1995). This brings up another problem: who has published checklists of your favorite plant group? DLO-Centrum voor Plantenveredelings- en Reproduktieonderzoek, Wageningen.

More advanced gardeners, however, often want to know the correct name of the cultivated variety (correctly referred to as a cultivar, capitalized and usually placed in single quotes).

Introduction Gardeners have traditionally traded plants "over the back fence." To many amateur gardeners, identification beyond "grandmother's pink rose" is not needed.



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