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Date formats Most common date formats are recognised by i XBRL, but rather oddly the month must not all be in upper case. A format such as 31st March is also not recognised.Arguably, no tags exist for these formats and hence you do not need to tag them.The repeated items of data rule does not give HMRC's computers any additional data, but will show if numbers that should be the same in different parts of the accounts are not.


If you tag the name on the cover sheet you will get a warning message as it will conflict with the name elsewhere.There is no tag for Company name in uppercase and so you can legitimately remove the tag from the company name on the cover sheet.If the number does not match, your CT600 will be rejected with the not so helpful message Information within the accounts does not match that on the CT600. This means, for instance, that HMRC's computers cannot detect if your debtors note does not add up.Equally, there is no problem inserting an untagged line into the accounts if necessary.


These items have the same tag and so VT will give you a warning if they are not equal.If VT did not do this, your i XBRL file would be rejected by HMRC's computers when it is submitted.


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