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Your shop might also be using the Microsoft Enterprise Library.One of the seven "functional application blocks" in that free resource provides validation.It's worth investing in some analysis to decide what's right for your system.Validation is often placed in a class by itself where it can be updated without updating the whole system.In the case of a Zip Code, validation could be as simple as checking to be sure that the input is a number, or it could be as complex as comparing the entered code with one derived from a GIS search.For common requirements like Zip Code, your shop may have a standard in-house validation DLL that you should include in your project.But validating only on the client will let even a slightly technical user simply avoid the validation (Or worse.Some injection attacks are based on sending code through input fields.) Most authorities (such as my Apress book, Pro ASP.


Web pages have a special problem with validation because the entire form is sent to the server.If the server performs validation, the user must wait for an entire round-trip to see and correct errors.By Dan Mabbutt Validation is the process of checking whether entered data is what it needs to be for the system to work correctly. This Quick Tip is the first of two that show you how to tell . Acres of code are usually devoted to validation and there is no universal 'right' way to do it. You have to figure out what your app needs and write the code to detect it. NET gives you the tools that allow you to place code where it will do the job and then calls it. If you ask users to enter the Zip Code, you should make sure that they don't enter their last name instead.

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    I'm product testing today and I noticed on the shipping pages they kept using "reciever" or "recieve" - Now. I sent an email to the developer with that little rhyme and circled the misspellings.

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