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Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Baroody argued that the child’s statements to police and to Spurwink were consistent and he requested that Sanford’s bail be set at ,000 cash.



The girl later told an employee of Spurwink Services, however, that Sanford would touch her private areas during the game.

Spurwink Services is a nationally accredited nonprofit organization that provides a broad range of mental health and educational services for children, adolescents, adults and families.

Sanford denied the sexual assault allegation and agreed to take a polygraph test, administered by the sheriff’s office, which was inconclusive, according to the affidavit.

Also, according to the court documents, when the girl was on the witness stand during a hearing on a protection-from-abuse request filed by her mother, the youngster said she could not remember what had happened and the protection order was not issued.


Sanford meanwhile had an attorney represent him at that hearing.To reach a sexual assault advocate, call the Statewide Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Line at 800-871-7741, TTY 888-458-5599.


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