Validating xml against schema c

The result is a previously un-typed XML sub-tree in the Xml Document replaced with a typed sub-tree.

The following are important notes to consider when using the method.

This tells XMLBlueprint to validate the XML Document against XML Schema "book.xsd".

In this case, the XML Schema is to be found in the same folder as the XML Document.

The XML documents can reference schema documents that specify how the XML documents should be structured.

XML itself is a meta language to design markup languages, i.e.

static string Error Message = ""; public static void Validation Handler(object sender, Validation Event Args args) { Error Message = Error Message + args.

Message + "\r\n"; Errors Count ++; } public void Validate(string str XMLDoc) { try { This article explained about the XML document, XSD schema, and how to validate XML document against XSD schema using Microsoft .

It is also possible to specify an absolute location, but beware that you must use URL syntax, not Path syntax.


Specifically, after successful validation, schema defaults are applied, text values are converted to atomic values as necessary, and type information is associated with validated information items.The example creates an Xml Document that contains an associated XSD schema using the Xml Reader Settings and Xml Reader objects.


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