Validating sql stored procedures


The first would be to just set default values within the procedure declaration to guarantee that there would never be NULL values passed in for these parameters: ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_Example] @parameter1 char (8), @parameter2 char (20), @parameter3 char (20), @parameter4 char (20), @parameter5 char (20), @parameter6 char (20),...


You have an application with a Users table, and the Users table has various columns to indicate what rights a User has within the application.Ignoring for the purposes of this question what should be done in server-side app code to implement user rights authorization, I am wondering from a dba's perspective (and security perspective) whether it is a good idea or an anti-pattern to include validation of the user's rights inside of the stored procedure. It has a stored proc where the User ID is one of the parameters to the proc.


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