Validating multiple checkboxes using javascript Camfucker

The tutorial describes Javascript validation of textboxes, comboboxes, radio buttons and checkboxes.

In Javascript we create a function which checks if some value is entered in the textbox or selected in the case of combobox, radiobutton, checkbox.

If a textbox is empty or an option is not selected we can use javascript to display an alert message, and highlight the empty field and also we should make sure the page stays the same and doesn’t get “submitted” Javascript validation is a client side validation and relies on the web browser so it should not be solely relied upon Textbox is the simplest element to validate if empty or not.

We need to check if it is equal to null or “” because different browsers act differently so its better to check for both the conditions.

An HTML combobox shows a dropdown list of items from which one item is selected.



If the required rule is present, a callback will be fired once all other validation rules pass. If the field is not required and it is empty, the callback will not be called unless condition #3 is met. A callback will always be called if it is preceded by an '! If you wish to change a message application wide, you should do so in the source code.Validate your HTML form with Javascript validation.var validator = new Form Validator('example_form', [{ name: 'req', display: 'required', rules: 'required' }, { name: 'alphanumeric', rules: 'alpha_numeric' }, { name: 'password', rules: 'required' }, { name: 'password_confirm', display: 'password confirmation', rules: 'required|matches[password]' }, { name: 'email', rules: 'valid_email', depends: function() { return Math.random() supports the ability for you to include your own validation rules. A common example of this would be checking the strength of a password. It must always be prefaced with "callback_" with the name of your custom rule and a function taking one parameter.This function will be called with one argument, the value of the field.

If the value passes your custom validation, return true, otherwise return false.You can set a message for this rule using the validator.register Callback('check_password', function(value) { if (password Is Strong(value)) { return true; } return false; }) Message('check_password', 'Please choose a stronger password using at least 1 number.'); Callbacks behave according to the following rules: #1. callback_my Custom Callback' All of the default error messages are located at the top of in a defaults object.


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