Validating audio data

And while detecting cheating is necessary, little can be done after the fact.What can we do as empirical researchers to prevent fake data ?This was my question in 2011 when I was leaving for Kenya.

But for the most part, nobody questions the fact that the interviews underlying the data actually took place… ‘Faking data’ – ignoring the existence of household members, skipping sections, or even whole interviews – does take place for a variety of reasons.In the end, making sure that the interviews took place was not an issue during my fieldwork – I traveled with my enumerators and met all of the farmers in my sample, and I trusted my enumerators to do a good job.


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    "Yes, yes I admit I tuned you out but in my defense its because I already figured out that youre stupid.'---Dr Rodney Mc Kay - Stargate: Atlantis I thought the draft was pretty good all around.

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