Validating act

commencement of the Land Acquisition (Mysore Amendment and Validation) Act, 1967, shall be made after the expiry of three years ... Validation of imposition and collection of cesses under ...

commencement of the Rajasthan Land Acquisition (Amendment and Validation) Act, 1981, shall be made after the expiry of three years Section 3 in The U. State Act 1 before the 3rd day of February, 1961 ] shall be deemed to have been validly imposed, assessed Andhra, SS.


It shall be lawful for any person professing the Mussalman faith to create a wakf which in all other respects is in accordance with the provisions of Mussalman law, for the following among other purposes:- (a) for the maintenance and support wholly or partially of his family, children or descendants, and (a) where the person creating a wakf is a Hanafi Mussalman, also for his own maintenance and support during his lifetime or for the payment of his debts out of the rents and profits of the property dedicated: Provided that the ultimate benefit is in such cases expressly or impliedly reserved for the poor or for any other purpose recognized by the Mussalman law as a religious, pious or charitable purpose of a permanent character.4.No such wakf shall be deemed to be invalid merely because the benefit reserved therein for the poor or other religious, pious or charitable purpose of a permanent nature is postponed until after the extinction of the family, children or descendants of the person creating the wakf.


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