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In evaluating the basics of data validation, generalizations can be made regarding the different types of validation, according to the scope, complexity, and purpose of the various validation operations to be carried out.For example: Data type validation is customarily carried out on one or more simple data fields.Data validation rules can be defined and designed using any of various methodologies, and be deployed in any of various contexts.Data validation rules may be defined, designed and deployed, for example: Definition and design contexts: Data that does not conform to these rules will negatively affect business process execution.Therefore, data validation should start with business process definition and set of business rules within this process.Rules can be collected through the requirements capture exercise.



Data validation is intended to provide certain well-defined guarantees for fitness, accuracy, and consistency for any of various kinds of user input into an application or automated system.

A validation process involves two distinct steps: (a) Validation Check and (b) Post-Check action.


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