User control not updating on postback laura silverman dating

UCtrl Edit has the same basic controls as UCtrl New (textboxes and an update button) and is supposed to be used to read the existing text file ...

As I've written about in two previous articles here on 4Guys - Dynamic Controls in ASP.

The idea here would be to allow the visitor enter some values into these custom input form fields, and then submit the form, having the data saved. Add( new Literal Control("\r\n The C# source code above is not the precise code that is autogenerated by the ASP. Rather, it's a cleaner and easier to read version of the autogenerated code.

Or when collecting information from your users, you might display different input fields prompting for different data based on the user's age, location, gender, and so on.

One of the main challenges with working with dynamically added controls is that these controls must be programmatically added on each postback.

NET and Working with Dynamically Created Controls - ASP.


That is, you can't just load these controls on the first page load, and then not reload them on subsequent postbacks.Failure to explicitly add the controls on each postback will cause the controls to literally disappear on postbacks.


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