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Shortly before his death, Muhammad asked Abu Bakr to offer up a prayer for the people.

This was taken as a sign that the Prophet had chosen Abu Bakr to succeed him, and after Muhammad's death, Abu Bakr was accepted as the first "deputy of the Prophet of God," or caliph.

Another faction preferred Muhammad's son-in-law Ali as caliph, but Ali eventually submitted, and Abu Bakr took over governance of all Muslim Arabs.


Muhammad married Abu Bakr's daughter Aishah and chose him to accompany him to Medina.He also saw to it that the Prophet's sayings were preserved in written form.The collection of sayings would be compiled into the Quran (or Q'uran or Koran).You may download or print this document for personal or school use, as long as the URL below is included.


Abu Bakr died in his sixties, possibly from poison but just as likely from natural causes.Before his death he named a successor, establishing a tradition of government by chosen successors.



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