Updating wwii discharge papers


Military Service Records at the National Archives Official personnel records for all members of the Army are at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Unfortunately, about 85 percent of the records were destroyed in a fire at the center in 1973.

Alternative sources of information on individuals who served in the Army in World War II include the General Accounting Office pay vouchers filed in the National Personnel Records Center; Selective Service records in the Regional Archives Division of the Federal Records Centers; the courts-marshal records from the Clerk of the Court, Army Judiciary, in Falls Church, Virginia; the Veterans Administration in Washington, D.

Include casualty lists, reports of incidents resulting in casualties, statements of witnesses or survivors, and other documents.

C.; and in the records of state adjutants general and county and municipal governments.

If the Center cannot provide the requested records, do not hesitate to contact your local Congresscritter for assistance -- the Center does not always go out of its way to determine if the records can be reconstructed from other sources. comicsall Give them as much background as you can: Full Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Service No, Rank, etc. Also see the individual's Notice of Separation from U. Naval Service (NAVPERS 533): and Discharge Certificate: Army and Army Air Force personnel (I don't know if Navy and Marine Corps are included): These contain mostly burial (and sometimes reburial) information, but they do indicate the unit and location of original burial -- a useful starting point for research. Additional information at the Naval Historical Center: Official Service and Medical Records ("What did you do in the war, Dad?

Cost is .00 per roll of 16mm microfilm (as of August, 1999).

Each ship should have its own roll; some Muster Rolls come on multiple microfilm rolls (some rolls will include several ships).

Supply the ship's name and hull number, and date(s) of interest. Typical logs (depending on ship type) include 1 or more pages per day.



Write directly to: Give them as much background as you can: Full Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Service No, Rank, etc. ") Destroyers: Enlisted Billet Descriptions (NAVPERS 16,486) (Should be useful for other ship types.Cruisers and Battleships will have more personnel, but doing similar jobs; smaller ships will have fewer personnel doing the same type jobs; aviation jobs on aircraft carriers would be unique.) Brief records of the daily administrative activites of the ship; includes journal style entries of the ship's administrative activities, location and course of travel, etc.



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