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There is no way you want to go online without ensuring your browser is secure from intrusion and your activity private.

Graphically intensive web pages displayed with Internet Explorer 11 are rendered using your computer’s graphics processor rather than the CPU as usual, a move which helps with the speed of pages opening.

However, Internet Explorer isn’t all about relying on the GPU.

Years of neglect from Microsoft and poor adherence to web standards have led to Windows’ native browser being a much-maligned presence on your computer. In truth, Microsoft attempted to reverse the rot with Internet Explorer 7, following the disaster that was IE6.

Restoring Internet Explorer to a browser that people actually wanted to use was always going to be a hard road, but it’s just possible that with Internet Explorer 11 this stage has been reached.

Its mission is to help web developers make sense of the wide variety of technologies that they must deal with....


In the background, the browser is busy trying to guess which link you’ll click next – and preloading the data!Although this doesn’t happen every time (the algorithm will only pre-fetch the predicted page when it is certain of your choice) it certainly speeds things up when it does.Full of surprises, perhaps the biggest shock is the speed of Internet Explorer 11.This new version is able to download pages much more quickly to your computer (mirrored in the Windows Phone 8 version, incidentally), and has done well in independent tests.

Along with the use of the GPU to improve the speed on graphic-extensive pages, Internet Explorer 11 makes impressive headway in tackling the long-held concern that the browser doesn’t adhere to web standards.

In the past, Microsoft’s browser – whether on Windows or Mac OS – had a poor reputation for implementing standards for web page development that were not among the standards (or maintained standards that were deprecated) laid out by the W3CThe World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has launched a new documentation website called at Web



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