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Now i read on the Web that thousands or more have problems with partition or HD missing, after the Anniversary update, well it fixed most of my problems but i REALLY do not like the new one, i rebooted at Drive was back ran a scan disk, all okay exept it takes a long time hmm not a happy camper, because Moving 3 TB DVD and Blu rays backups takes a long time, and now its worse because the drive is so slow.So I've uninstalled the Ease UP backup tool from my d:. I did a bios update to my gigabyte motherboard and ran a scan on d:. I have a very, very bad feeling about that "Security" based on locking Files, Folders, Drives that seems at a point System can not handle it correctly.

t.content Window.document;i.open("text/html","replace");i.write(a)}catch(c){}}};r(function(){window.sovrn.Beacon()});var reg=new Reg Exp("MSIE ([0-9]+[\.0-9]*)");reg.exec(Agent)?After windows updated to the v1607 build 14393.51, everything seemed fine. I went to do a file backup, (I had done a system backup with no problem).



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