Updating to intrepid true blood co stars dating

If you find any problems with the build please send me a message.

Yes you can use this build on any server or alter it as you see fit so long as you honor my request that you provide credit where credit is due along with a link to this page. Still a WIP so if you find problems PLEASE let me know.

I don't know jack about texture packs so if someone wants one, they'll have to see the block I have used and then make their own.

(Or submit one to me for use.)Euml over at the minecraft official forms has a brilliant build of the Voyager going on with outstanding textures.

Please stop by his thread and post encouraging comments.

Thanks and enjoy.-END-Update - Jan 27th, 2012 - READ UPDATE LOG for changes New World Save - ONLY - schematic not yet updated. New Nacelles Many small revamps I still have a lot of work left to do on this build so yes there are areas that are not yet labeled or have any detail. Update posted in the Update Log 1-21-1211/26/11I realize that the ship is rather large and that some areas appear smaller than they do on TV while others appear larger.

Again the ship is scaled to the Stragetic Design Deck Plans.


The ship is now completed to the point where I can move onto another project.

(Galaxy build)I have updated both the world save and the schematic file to Feb 2nd version.

I have added in shuttles and finished up the interior work.

While there is some labeling that could be done for the most part this project is now completed.

It is semi - accurate to the older version of the Strategic Design Intrepid blue prints. Also there is a new blue print maker who worked with Strategic design and is now offering updated and considerably more interesting versions of the Intrepid and Defiant deck plans. The new site that has the blue prints for sale is: Cydonia 6 Ink - Starship Blueprints and Deck Plansold info As done as I care to take it.

(Yes there are doors now.) I also did a lot of fit and finish work to and loads of detail stuff.



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