Updating the boroque cello


"Joe and I don't get to perform together often," Gabriel Crouch says.

"For the last decade, we have rarely been in the same part of the globe -- but this month, Joe is on tour in the USA with the baroque ensemble Sonnerie, so we have this opportunity to make music together." Joseph Crouch (seen in top photo) began his musical education as a chorister at Westminster Abbey, and was later a Choral Scholar at King's College, Cambridge.

Through these pieces we look at several different aspects of interpretation and technique, including: Clicking on the links will take you to a detailed exploration of each piece.

Each section includes information about the music and its interpretation, and video clips of OAE performers playing and talking about small sections of the pieces, together with a complete performance.

The resources have been written by Cathryn Dew (NCEM) and Cecelia Bruggemeyer (OAE), and feature Helen Kruger (violin), Nicholas Logie (viola), Ruth Alford ('cello) and Joe Mc Hardy (harpsichord).

We would recommend, however, that you explore all the pieces, as you will find features of each relevant to much baroque repertoire for stringed instruments.Continuing his studies of the baroque cello as a postgraduate at The Royal Academy of Music, under Jennifer Ward Clarke, Joe completed his training as a member of The European Union Baroque Orchestra.Welcome to our Baroque String Playing resource pages.They have been compiled by the National Centre for Early Music, working alongside string players from the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, and have been made possible by funding from Youth Music.

We hope they will give you an insight into some of the techniques used by today's players of baroque music, and inform your own decisions about performing this exciting and challenging repertoire.

The resources focus on three pieces of eighteenth-century music.



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