Updating table of contents

For example, if your style sheet requires different formatting for the table of contents than what is provided in built-in templates, you can change font style, indentation, tab leader dots, and other attributes.Select the text you want to include in the table of contents, and then on the Home tab, click a heading style, such as Heading 1.Do this for all of the text you want to show up in the table of contents.To create a table of contents that’s easy to keep up-to-date, apply heading styles to the text you want to include in the table of contents.After that, Word will build it automatically, from those headings.However, you can increase or decrease the number of levels that show in the table of contents.Customize the formatting for the table of contents You can change the style for each level of the table of contents to suit your needs.

The style formatting of the headings does not affect the formatting of the table of contents. Caution: If you insert a table of contents from the Document Elements tab into a document that already contains a manually formatted table of contents, Word replaces the entries in the existing table of contents with placeholder text.Do any of the following: Add a table of contents Change the number of levels in the table of contents By default, a table of contents has three heading levels.



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