Updating ruby

RVM is supported by the community via either the (google group) Mailing List or more real time help via gracious users in the the RVM IRC channel #rvm on irc.RVM lets you deploy each project with its own completely self-contained and dedicated environment, from the specific version of ruby, all the way down to the precise set of required gems to run your application.


With named gemsets, you can reliably and immediately push changes from one environment to another.

RVM lets you add a small text file to your application's repository, instead of checking in tons of gems which would needlessly inflate your repository size.

And, RVM is for Ruby applications, *not just for Rails*!

Ruby based application will benefit from your use of RVM.

RVM enables you to easily test both upgrade and escape paths very easily and consistently. RVM has an extremely flexible gem management system called Named Gem Sets.With RVM, you can run a test suite, rake tasks, benchmarks and gem commands against multiple ruby versions This means that you can easily ensure your applications work in Ruby 1.8. RVM's 'gemsets' make managing gems across multiple versions of Ruby a non-issue.



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