Updating road angel intellectual dating ideas

With the Road Angel you get updates sent to the device whilst you are driving using the GPRS mobile phone network.

You also get Speed Share that allows you to update the units speed limit database whilst you are driving.

In addition there is a Camera Share feature that enables you to add speed cameras that are not in the database such as mobile speed camera vans.


Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe - £179.99 with four additional accessories Road Angel Gem Plus - £159.99 Delivery in the United Kingdom (UK) is FREE on all orders over £50.

For more information please see delivery information.

Find out the Gem's features, how it works and which speed cameras it detects.

Product summary: Detection range: 200-1000metres Technology: GPS, Laser detection and GPRS Installation: Dash or windscreen mounting Buy accessories for the Road Angel Gem+ here. 1.75-inch (diagonal) screen ‣2.5 hour battery life, for cable free operation ‣GPRS automatic speed camera updates (requires subscription from £39.99 for 6 months) ‣Live camera alerts through 'Camera Share' ‣Includes built-in Laser detector ‣UK wide safety camera locations ‣Provides on-screen road speed limits for all UK roads - updated once a quarter (subscription required) ‣Quarterly firmwares updates requires Windows based PC, not Apple MAC compatible ‣Dimensions: Width - 80mm, Height - 42mm, Depth - 75mm 1 Year Guarantee with FREE UK delivery.

There are two different versions of the Road Angel Gem+ available to buy from Speed Cameras

While the Gem+ device inside the box is identical for both models, the Gem+ Deluxe includes an extra accessory pack.



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