Updating ram dell optiplex


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bit of an update on this, i actually had an entire explanation typed out and thought i posted it it is a dell optiplex 745 with a intel core2 duo e4300 with 2mb cache at 1.8GHz with a better heatsink (direct contact copper pipes, it was a business desktop so i think they went with the slower dual core and the better cooling so they could leave it on for long periods) i am going to put in a 64bit OS, the chipset should support it, the optiplex was produced in 2008 there is already 2 GB in the machine, but in a weird 4x 512MB dual channel set up (the motherboard has two white and two black), though i guess that was for cost reasons, and it is DDR2 800Mhz, i believe the mobo can support up to 1066MHz (thank you to whoever recognized the age of the computer and knew what type of ram it is) there is no graphics card and the PSU is 250Watts basic PSU basically, it NEEDS more RAM, windows 7 will not work with what is installed, so i was thinking 2x 2GB DDR2 800 (or 1066 if i can) in dual channel if I want to play games (and I do, i think the CPU is up to it, i play Empire: Total War on an AMD Athlon m320 at 1.6 Ghz (dual core) with built in graphics, i am pretty sure the core2duo can handle games, especially with discrete graphics solutions that being said, i have a very low budget, i have been looking around ebay and other sties (there are not many physical stores where i can buy parts) for used/refrubished componenets, however, i would never trust a used PSU for the simple reason that the long such things are used the quicker they degrade (i think this is more true than with a CPU or graphics card unless you overclock and run constantly), im not sure if i can trust used RAM but RAM is so damned expensive, dell wants 60 for 1 2GB stick (which is understandle OEM is always more), but then i checked newegg and i found a dual channell kit for , there has got to be a cheaper solution the PSU needs to be at least 400W (there are a few 80 plus bronze certified on sale at newegg --one was Antec--which i think is a good deal), as for the grpahics card, with 400W im not going taht far, and this system woudl be a waste for it anyway i was thinkking radeon 6670 or maybe something in the 5xxx, but clearly i am here for advice if i could find a really cheap replacemetn for the CPU that fits in the socket and is better (and by really cheap i mean like bucks for a used one), but obviously with OEM the TDP matters, since they make sure to use MOBO's with lower power so that you can't just plop in a better CPU 5 yrs later when ur coimputer is out of date (just go buy a new one from them) i have experience building (not much, but i've fixed a few computers by scavaneign others and i pray to find a throw away with RAM that i coudl use), i need help on the choice of components by low budget i mean if you could find a scrap yard full of computers i would volunteer to clean it up if i could keep whatever components i find (who wouldn't, lol), but i would be fine with spending around for the PSU, for the RAM, and 0 for the Graphics, now deals/used sales i could find a radeon 6670 on ebay right now for , a decent (but crappy non-efficient) logitech PSU for , and that would leave more for the RAM and vice versa (obviously such a cheap PSU cannot be expected to last, but if i spend more than that I am not going to throw it away when i can finally build a real poewr house, if i spetn that much i woudl be forced to use it in a server or HTPC build) so bugdet is nominally set at 0, now i know i coudl probably swing a decent cpu/mobo combo on newegg, and then wait (i already have a case, dvd, and cooler) for the other components, but i know i will be without money for a very long time, and savings and waiting is not possible (i can dream tho, lol), preferably id like to spend 0 and go with crappy PSU and used radeon 6670, but, clearly, i need advice please no super long explanations (except mine, lol), jsut a few suggestions, and maybe a link to suport your advice (or not, i trust most of the ppl on here, we wouldn't be reading these if it wasn't more than just casual interest) not to offend anyone, we all ramble I have this Dell with Win XP on it; that's how I know it's capability.

In fact this is my printer computer (attached to an HP printer).



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