Updating punkbuster cod4


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Disabling Steam In-Game Community should fix the problem.

If you receive punkbuster errors within the game, you will need to turn the punkbuster option off within the game.

have you updated your Call of Duty 4 and now Punk Buster is constantly booting you out of games minutes, sometimes seconds after joining and you're about to get that head shot?

*UPDATE* As of 1/14/2014, (the developers for Punkbuster) have fully dropped support for Call of Duty 4 (PC and Mac).

Thanks to activision, you must update punkbuster manually to play on servers with pb enabled, some of our servers have pb enabled.Files for Windows : Here Files for a Mac : Here Files for Linux : Here Download the files above and place them in your COD4's PB folder: C Hard drive where your operating system is installed If links are broken send me a pm and i will fix them If you get this issue: Service Communication Failure Pnk Bstr Then download and install this.



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