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Burleson has two decades of real-world DBA experience in Oracle PL/SQL features and shares his Oracle secrets in this intense Oracle PL/SQL training.

By the end of this course the student will understand advanced PL/SQL tuning procedures, and will be able to use advanced tuning features such as ref cursors and bulk fetches.

The student will also become familiar with the internals of Oracle PL/SQL and will be able to compile PL/SQL for super-fast performance.te: Every shop has unique PL/SQL training needs, and this course is offered as a 3, 4 or 5 day course.

The students choose from a variety of training class topics to maximize their learning experiences.

Section 1 - Introducing PL/SQL Introduction What is PL/SQL and Why Should I use It?

PL/SQL Architecture Overview of PL/SQL Elements Blocks Variables and Constants Using SQL in PL/SQL Branching and Conditional Control Looping Statements Goto Procedures, Functions and Packages Records Object Types Collections Associative Arrays (Index-By Tables) Nested Table Collections Varrays Collection Methods Triggers Error Handling My Ideal Environment Section 2 - Writing Efficient PL/SQL Introduction Bind Variables Using Bind Variables The cursor_sharing Parameter Dynamic Binds using Contexts SQL Injection Bulk Binds Using Rowids when Updating Short-circuit Evaluations and Ordering Logic Implicit vs.

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The PL/SQL tuning class topics start with the basic PL/SQL performance tuning and progress into increasingly complex tuning techniques, including bulking, optimizing calls to Oracle and using ref cursors.

We guarantee your success via our optional PL/SQL mentoring and the students will gradually masters PL/SQL through increasingly challenging classroom exercises.

This BC Oracle PL/SQL programming & Tuning Training class is an intense course that is designed to give the student maximum exposure to Oracle PL/SQL tuning and performance optimization.

The student learns by example, studying actual performance case studies.


This PL/SQL tuning training course is designed for practicing Oracle PL/SQL professionals who have basic experience with PL/SQL and the use of a procedural language.Prior experience with PL/SQL is not required, but experience with a relational database is highly desirable. Burleson, an acknowledged leader in Oracle database administration.



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