Updating private repo

It will install as a standard plugin on a Word Press site.

You host your premium files and the in production or prerelease directories on your server (specified in the settings for the plugin).

I want to encapsulate the functionality, but it's specific to my own 5 or so blogs, so it's not a good candidate for the public plugins resource. Now, I’ve written a PHP library that you can use to add automatic update capabilities to any plugin.The plugin also allows you to list plugin versions and can even provide a download for the files on public, password-protected, or subscription-protected pages.You can see an example of the on-page version list here.I created a package and as soon as it was ready for Git Hub I remembered: "I can't open source this...".

Its a service that provides the infrastructure for updating plugins and makes it easy to integrate into your own plugins.I was working on three projects at the same time and I've found myself copying code from one project to another and then making small changes. First thing that occured to me was creating a Laravel package, hosting it on Git Hub and publish it to Packagist, so that I can use it with Composer.



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