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I had to go into the Device Manager and choose Update Driver on a couple of drivers to have my system download the latest versions from the Windows Update server.

The remaining drivers I seem to be missing are those for printers.

One can't update these from Device Manager as the drivers listed there are all of the generic local printer queue type.

I tried updating them through the Printer Preferences page (Devices and Printers) and picking the Windows Update source from the New Driver option.

To install the printer drivers, click on the link below to run the correct program for the operating system you are using: Print Release software for Windows 32-bit systems Print Release software for Windows 64-bit systems The process is relatively straightforward, but here are the full instructions: 2.

From the Downloads folder open the popup_with_custom_script folder and choose At the next screen choose Continue and follow through the Popup Installer instructions given. Select the Apple icon in the top left of the screen, then choose Preferences and Printers and Scanners.

But Windows 10 is not downloading these drivers by itself and doesn't show them in Windows Update.



When you are asked for credentials to install the new software use the Administrator account that you use locally on the computer. When the configuration and script packages have run through you will receive a message indicating that the installation was successful. You will now see RHUL Printer B+ W and RHUL Printer Colour in your printer list.

I have ESET NOD32 installed and it tells me that there are supposed to be updates for my printer drivers available on Windows Update.



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