Updating pet microchip details

But what do you do if your dog has been chipped but you can't remember who, what or where, in order to check it?There are four microchip databases in the UK, so if your dog has been microchipped in the UK, the chip should be registered with one of these, if the corresponding paperwork has been completed.- Anibase- Petlog- Petprotect- PETtrac If you are not sure which database your dog's chip is registered with, visit and simply type in the microchip number.A death certificate or letter from a vet or rescue is needed if the previous owner has died* From 2016 the responsibility will be on the previous keeper to complete the change.© This information is reproduced from a Dogs Today Magazine article, strictly with their permission.We/they do not authorise the copying of all or any part of it.



Please keep your details up to date, and inform your register if your pet passes away. Please note, you will have to click the 'Forgot your password' link to reset your password if this is the first time you are logging into our new portal.



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