Updating old dining room furniture 100 direct sex chat without registration

Apply primer before painting to achieve better coverage, especially if you are painting over a darker color.Remove a cane seat and its spline to give the chairs a fabric makeover.Paint the cane a slightly contrasting white for a modern finish.For shabby-chic style, paint the set pale pink or pastel green.Likely the easiest, most complete way to give your table and chairs a new look is to keep them hidden.White dining-room-chair covers or slipcovers conceal what lies beneath.Cane -- generally a byproduct of durable, vine-like rattan -- is as paint-friendly as wood.But to get a truly updated look from the typically old-fashioned, hole-to-hole weave of cane chairs, color is the key.



Paint, however, is not your only update go-to; also use fabrics and even other furniture to modernize your set.

If your cane chairs have bamboo, rattan or wood frames, paint them and the table one color, such as glossy pale gray or tan, after protecting the cane parts with painter’s tape.

New seats made from plywood wrapped with foam then fabric give a dining room set a fresh look.

Use the same fabric or a complementary pattern to make a table runner or place mats to tie together the set.


To achieve a contemporary mismatched look, paint each chair a different color to offset a black or white table.Roll or brush on a few coats of good-quality gloss or semigloss latex or enamel paint after removing any old, flaking paint with a dry scrub brush.



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