Updating my ipod classic gadget feeds not updating

I thought I'd simply have to restore the i Pod to factory settings and then put all my music back on. After some time, it appeared in the Finder, and i Tunes froze.When I finished, I ejected the i Pod from within i Tunes, as usual, and then unplugged the i Pod when it told me it was ok to do so.Rather than going straight to the music screen, as usual, the i Pod rebooted (reset) itself.I use the i Pod almost exclusively connected to the aux input of a car stereo (aboard a boat, actually), rather than with headphones.I normally charge it via the USB mode of the same car stereo. In particular, it very often freezes when plugging it into the stereo (USB mode) to charge, or when unplugging it.After every reboot it would ask for the language to be set - something it never used to do - and it also sometimes reset other settings; such as enabling the clicking sound when scrolling.Yesterday, I plugged the i Pod into my Mac Book Pro (Late 2008, OS X Lion 10.7.2, i Tunes 10.5.3), to transfer (I manage the i Pod manually rather than with auto sync) some new music from my i Tunes library.

I simply reboot it (or reset, as Apple like to say) by holding down the play and menu buttons, and then all is well.

Recently (in the last couple of weeks) the i Pod started to reset certain settings whenever it froze and had to be rebooted.

TL; DR: When disconnecting the i Pod from my Mac (after ejecting from i Tunes) of what I've done to try and fix this.

I have an i Pod Classic which I bought just under a year ago.

I've got a somewhat puzzling problem here (or at least, I find it puzzling).

I'm going to go into great detail in the hope that it helps someone to point me in the right direction, and also in the hope that a potential solution might help someone else in the future - so please forgive me if some of the info here might not turn out to be relevant to the problem!



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