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This wasn’t an old model either; no this was a brand new, reissue model deemed safe by Samsung.The plane was evacuated after the cabin filled with smoke, thank god it happened before flight.In a statement made with the reveal of the Q3 results, Samsung made no bones about the fact that the Galaxy Note 7 debacle is the cause of this signfiicant financial loss."The Mobile business saw its earnings decrease significantly QOQ due to the effects of the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note7. "As for 2017, the company anticipates a turnaround with the launch of new flagship smartphones," it said.The US Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman Elliot F.


The first major incident after the first recall happened during boarding on a Southwest Flight 994 to Baltimore at Louisville International Airport on Wednesday.

“CPSC is moving expeditiously to investigate this incident.

Thankfully, reports indicate that all of the passengers were able to make it off the plane without harm.

Agency staff has already reached out to the FAA and Samsung to gather the facts about the incident.


Operating profit for the quarter is .8 million, down 95% from the same quarter in 2015 and the firm's lowest operating profit quarter in the last eight years.Samsung's total operating profit including all other sectors of its businesses (TVs, appliances, etc.) is .5 billion for the quarter, down .9 billion from Q3 2015 and the lowest profit quarter in the last two years.



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