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After installation Media Monkey starts, you’re presented with a welcome message and the opportunity to purchase the Gold version.Media Monkey might not look like much, with its barebones interface and dialog box-heavy preferences and configuration, but work a little on the software and you'll get one of the best, most highly customizable media library experiences possible.Automatic library syncing and updating across mobile, smart playlists, automatic metadata search via online data bases..list goes on in terms of how much it can automate your library management and playback, and they're actually useful features too.Playback and manage even the largest of music libraries with Media Monkey Free.Media Money Free allows users to take care of gigantic libraries even over 100,000 songs in size without slowing down.You can manage audio and video of any genre or type, and then make use of automatic playlists for your party or personal playback needs With Media Monkey, you can share songs via DLNA and convert any file type to support playback on nearly any device.You can also sync up your library with mobile devices, and auto-level your tracks so your volume will never wildly vary.


Installation is straight-forward following the install wizard.When selecting the file type associations, make sure to check i Tunes file types.



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