Updating itunes library frozen

If the kind is set to Disk, you'll need to set your local library to an i Tunes share, which you can do after you have i Tunes installed and running. i Tunes creates this file when i Tunes starts up, and any time you update your library (by adding a track, playing a track, changing a rating, or many other operations.) Safe to delete: The i Tunes XML file can safely be deleted -- it is only written to disk and is never modified by Super Sync or read in by i Tunes.

XML Last Modified: Check that the i Tunes file was modified recently.

To check this, under the File menu, select Local Library Info...

Kind: The Local Library type should be set to Kind: i Tunes. The i Tunes information shows which i Tunes Music file is being used by Super Sync to read your i Tunes library.

Use the Configure Local Library to point Super Sync to the new XML location.

Read Only: This should be unchecked if you intend to have Super Sync add music to your i Tunes library.

At this point, your Super Sync music library should show the contents of your current i Tunes library.


When you find one, it should have a modification date later than when you last started i Tunes. To get the most benefit from Super Sync, you want to make sure your Super Sync and i Tunes are working well together.If you are having problems with i Tunes, check the following: i Tunes users will want to make sure their Local Library is set to an i Tunes share.From the Tools menu, select Check i Tunes Connection...

In the case above, we haven't used i Tunes in almost two days. However, if your last modified date is very old and you've used i Tunes recently, you probably have Super Sync pointing to an out of date i Tunes XML file.If Super Sync is pointing to an out of date i Tunes library, you'll need to find the most recent version on your computer for your user account.



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