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13/07/11 I recently posted an article on Exchange 2003 to 2010 Transition, Only to be asked, "Can you do the same for Exchange 2007 to 2010?



you might need a new Exchange agent, check with your software reseller. Before you do anything, it's time for a common sense check, make sure your existing Exchange 2007 Organisation is happy and running cleanly, and has good communication with the domain and DNS.

Get in the event logs and make sure it's a happy server. Make sure your Exchange 2007 server(s) is/are up to "Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2" (In fact get the latest Exchange update roll up after that as well to be on the safe side).

(Note: you need 381Mb free space on the system drive, plus 170MB additional free space to install SP2). Build you new x64 bit Windows server and apply all the relevant updates and service packs etc. Note: If you don't see this service then you probably didn't complete the reboot in the previous step.

The new server needs the Office 2010 Filter Pack Installing CLICK HERE. You need to add certain roles to the new server before attempting to install Exchange 2010 you can script that though I prefer to do things myself. Note: If you are installing on a domain controller (Which is NOT recommended), the "AD DS and LDS tools" will already be installed. The following steps are not actually required (they should be done by the actual install), BUT, on more than one occasion I've seen the setup fail and I've had to run these commands manually, so not I do them as a matter of routine. Open a command windows and either navigate to the folder containing the Exchange 2010 setup files (Or the DVD) and issue the following command: 10.


My new server will run Server 2008 with Exchange 2010.

Just for a "worst case scenario" I've put in some public folders and I've got some Outlook 2003 clients. Make sure before you start, you have the Exchange 2010 media and unlock code, you don't want to download the media on a site with a slow internet connection, (at time of writing the disk image is 1GB in size). If your existing domain controllers are all x32, and you are also upgrading domain controllers, during the process, Then you will be extending the domain schema (i.e.



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