Updating formica cabinets dating place mountain view ca

Woodmaster Woodworks is a custom carpentry and cabinet builder for residential customers.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers find options that best fit their style and budget.

Do any of you all have horrid, disgusting, laminate cabinets that you just absolutely hate?

Do you wish there was a way that you could update them without literally replacing them?

Cabinet Rescue is specifically designed to bond to laminate without the need of a primer.

It promises (and has very good reviews to back it up) to deliver a factory like finish that has lasting longevity.

It generally looks like a middle school art project gone bad.

And it's for that reason that many homeowners who can't afford the full on kitchen redo have been living with their lack-luster laminate for many outdated years.


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It seems like there's nothing you can do but just live with them. Laminate cabinets have historically been close to impossible to update because not many paints out there bond well to laminate.

Often times the result looks anything but factory finished.

It also promises to dry quickly without overwhelming fumes.

They are boxy, flat, and don't even remotely look like wood.

If you were being honest with yourself, you truly hate them, but you just can't afford the couple thousand it would cost to reface your cabinets, much less replace them entirely.



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