Updating flash on older mac


It involves creating an encrypted disk image, which is basically a storage container for your files.

Everything inside the disk image is accessible only to users who know the password that unlocks it.

Password protect your flash drive to avoid taking that chance.

Some of us keep very important and sensitive information on our USB flash drives.

And yet we walk around with them all day risking that they might somehow fall into the wrong hands. Let’s find out how to lock down the files on these drives to keep them from prying eyes.

Copy, paste, save, and delete files here like you would anywhere else.

The one important thing to remember is to eject the disk image first, then the flash drive, before disconnecting it from the computer. With that said, you’ve got a fully-functioning USB flash drive with data that is encrypted and password protected for your access only.

We all carry around USB flash drives in our pockets or on our keychains.

What if it got lost or stolen and somebody suddenly had access to all of your personal files?

Don’t be frightened by the number of steps listed below – I chose to be overly thorough in some of my explanations to avoid confusion.The actual work that needs to be done by you will only take a couple minutes.



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