Updating fields in ms word

This means that, should you need to move the files as a group to another folder (eg putting them on a CD or USB stick for portability), all the links will break. Note: The reason for the 'INCLUDEPICTURE "' copying & cutting is to avoid updating other kinds of links.

What is needed is a means of coercing Word into applying some sort of relative path addressing for fields pointing to other files. You can omit that part if you're working with multiple kinds of links, except for LINK fields.

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Even if you omit the path from the field code, in most Word versions it still gets stored in the file's metadata. The above solution works with INCLUDEPICTURE, INCLUDETEXT, RD and HYPERLINK fields, but not with LINK fields.


Your ability to change the appearance, size and color of text, lay it out in lists and tables, and create indexes and tables of contents comes from selections on a menu or toolbar and the click of a mouse.Well, here's a solution (based on an idea originally developed by Peter Jamieson, another MS Word MVP). Also attached is a macro I've created for automatically updating the field paths for INCLUDEPICTURE, INCLUDETEXT, RD, HYPERLINK and LINK fields and for other linked objects.



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