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Emlyn’s update to ensure our patients get this fantastic analgesic intervention.

Most Emergency Physicians (in the UK at least) spend a part of their training in anaesthesia.

We of course will bring all those new pictures and press copy when available Here is a summary of the new features: *- The front fascia and headlights of Model S now have a design similar to that found on Model X.

*- The Tesla HEPA air filtration system which was previously only available on Model X is now available on Model S too.


Earlier this morning, pictures of a new Tesla Model S refresh showing a redesigned front end began to circulate around the web via some early canvas releases at Tesla stores in Australia. Curious to know more, we got in touch with Tesla about the update, and they filled us in on all the new details, while adding that the new changes are effective today for production at the company’s Fremont assembly facility in California.Tesla tells us they will be updating their website today to reflect the changes.



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