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That should replace all of your Office related program files while leaving your settings and data untouched.If it's still busted, then you should try a re-install.The system must have been reset over the weekend, but if it happens again I'll know next time. Whenever something stops working after a crash, there is the possibility that something got corrupted.I would start with repairing your office installation.Sadly, that solves more Microsoft problems then you would expect.Power Query Training -- Power Query experts Ken Puls and Miguel Escobar have opened registration for the last session of their online Power Query course for this year.Now the question is: was something else broken too?I've opened Excel this morning and it's back to normal - pheew!



I know it will be something silly, but what just happened? Pressing F9 will force a manual recalculation and should recalculate.

There are 2 days of live online training (4 hours per day), on Nov. Then attend a live online follow-up Q&A session, on Nov. Save 15% with coupon code LAST2016, if you register by Nov. 2016/11/03: To prevent duplicates, hide used items in a data validation drop down list.



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