Updating directx 9 dating and secret and revealed

Direct X End-User Runtime Web Installer is Microsoft’s updater for the 9.0c and previous versions of Direct X Redistributable.

Unlike the latter, the application requires an Internet connection, as it downloads content from Microsoft’s servers, with the advantage of being smaller in size.

However, there’s no harm in running Direct X End-User Runtime Web Installer.

It features a smart engine that allows it to first analyze the current Direct X installation, retrieve a list of all available files from Microsoft’s servers, compare the data against local items, grab the non-existent updates on your computer and deploy the newest ones.

The upside of the updater is that it extracts data dynamically, grabbing only the files that your computer lacks in order to be up-to-date.

On the downside, it may cause some discomfort to users with an unreliable network connection.

It all ends with a cleanup operation of the Direct X installation (removes obsolete files).



It’s a faster and smarter alternative to installing the whole Direct X Redistributable package.

This is, in fact, the whole purpose of this package – minimizing installation time.

Moreover, it’s an effortless operation for the end-user.

Direct X 12 introduces the next version of Direct3D, the graphics API at the heart of Direct X.


If you’re not sure you need a Direct X update, there are two simple ways of checking that.You can either run the dxdiag utility (from the run command) or use the Direct X Version Checker, an application that aside from verifying the version of the Direct X installation, also informs you about Direct X Debug Levels, Direct Show Filters and Direct Input Devices.



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